Protecting Your Personal Privacy

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Manic:  The many places we leave our personal information when we do things like make an online restaurant reservation or purchase a product on the computer.

Managed:  Invited a personal privacy protection expert to write a guest post about a new service that gives you an added layer of identification protection.  I noticed this trend just recently when I ordered a pair of pants.  Suddenly I was getting emails about this brand and ads for these pants in multiple colors started showing up on my Facebook page.  It was crazy how just one purchase resulted in numerous unwanted ads that somehow found their way into my email and Facebook account.  So I was interested in what Jon wanted to share with us.  Jon Olawski with APE Privacy explains…

Jon says:


How often do you share your personal contact information online?  It is too easy to do! 

Personal privacy is becoming an extremely hot topic in the USA!

Your personal information is valuable, and many companies profit by sharing it with affiliates.  These data brokers know that your data will be abused, and there’s nothing that you can do about it.

Typically, we trade our personal information for something that a company or website may offer, such as a discount at the grocery store, or price quote for car insurance.  We are all naturally trusting people, and, therefore, don’t envision our personal information being shared, added to phone dialer systems, subscribed to drip email campaigns, sold to creditors, hacked, exploited, and generally taken advantage of.

If you submit a request to compare car insurance quotes, you may find your contact information not only passed to a handful of annoying car insurance agents, but also car dealers, debt collectors, and big data brokers.

The truth is, only you can keep your personal information safe!

phoneProtect yourself by using a temporary phone number and email address.  APE Privacy is a new service that forwards all incoming calls and emails from disposable accounts to your existing phone number and email.  With APE you also have the ability to set call hours, block specific numbers, and terminate all phone calls & emails when ready.

Use APE Privacy for websites that request personal information, for classified ads (such as CraigsList), for shopping, online dating, or any other time it’s smart to keep your real phone & email address private.

Visit for pricing and for more information.