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With this blog and my lifestyle television segments on KTVK Channel 3, and on AZTV’s Daily Mix Morning Show, I strive to provide my readers with simple and scrumptious recipes, helpful family travel tips, yummy restaurant reviews, relatable parenting talk, what’s trending in beauty, tips for better health and fitness and more.  Put simply, my goal is to provide tips to make our manic lives a bit more managed in these crazy, fast-paced 24/7 times that we live in.  Here are a few of my quick tips KTVK television segments.

After graduating in the early 90s from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, I began my career in marketing with Southwest Airlines.  As an Area Marketing Manager for the airline’s Arizona office, I regularly conducted on-camera and print interviews about the airline’s growth and culture.  I traveled all over, so I will also include some travel tips and hotel and resort recommendations in this blog.  I also had a blast traveling frequently with my son’s travel hockey team for 14 years!  Those were the days!

In 1998, I joined KTVK Channel 3 as a segment producer for the #1 rated “Good Morning Arizona!” show.  Four years later, I took two years off to be a full-time homemaker after the birth of my second child.  In 2003, I returned to KTVK to help create a brand-new morning show for women called “Your Life A to Z” (now called “Your Life Arizona”) and worked on the program as a producer, writer, reporter and fill-in cohost.

Freelance work was my next chapter in life and that worked well to better balance the growing demands of my busy family’s schedule.  KTVK gave me a regular column and weekly segments that I fill with topics that include parenting, beauty, cooking and more.  With the tips from my 3TV segment and the daily craziness of my family life, I dreamed up the name manic managed mom and decided to start this blog to have a place to share my segments and family survival strategies.

When I am not out in the glorious Valley of the Sun researching blog topics, I can be found either sipping wine with pals, hiking one of the easier mountains in our beautiful desert, sweating at the gym, spoiling our fabulous four felines…or my favorite…stealing some precious time with my now 23-year-old son and 19-year-old daughter.  After all these years as a manic managed mom, I am now watching them learn how to manage the manic demands of today’s fast-moving world.  They are rocking it for the most part.  So far, so good…and yes, I am knocking on wood as I write this.

And my most recent joy…news that I will soon be a mother-in-law as our son got engaged!  Details and the sweetest proposal video ever (I’m biased) are here.  My family is growing.  I blinked!


About My Blog:


Managedmoms.com is a PR friendly blog and I would love to hear from you!  Please contact me if you have a product or website you would like Managedmoms.com to review and/or promote.


Managedmoms.com primary focus is with beauty products, nutritious foods and natural products. However, we use a lot of things in our home that do not fall into those categories (electronics, clothes, etc.), therefore I am open to reviewing other things as well, if you believe your product would be a good fit.  We also welcome sponsored posts and offer sponsored advertising space on every page of this blog as well.  Contact me at rachel@managedmoms.com for rates and information.


With over 15 years in broadcast reviewing products as well as being a mom, I bring a lot of perspective regarding your customer’s interest. I go into my reviews with an open mind, and I give my honest opinion.


I do prefer that you provide a duplicate of the item I am reviewing for me to offer as a giveaway on my blog, but it is not a requirement.  Reviews coupled with giveaways do tend to draw more traffic to the review however, which, in turn, sends more traffic your way.


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