For My Blog Readers Who Haven’t Heard…Our Son’s Postcard Perfect Engagement That Even Made A National TV Show!

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Most of my pals know the big news…our son popped the question to his longtime girlfriend (who we LOVE)!  Hannah said yes!  Our Jack invited his little sister along for Hannah’s birthday trip to Vail last month.  Hannah had no idea that they were there to create a big life milestone that they will remember and cherish for the rest of their lives.  The proposal went so well (our daughter did fabulous job taping it) that a national TV show carried the proposal, too!  Here is the engagement video and right below is what the Right This Minute TV show broadcasted.  We are over the moon happy for our son and his fiancé!  We are so excited to celebrate our Jack and Hannah.  They are both crazy busy working, Jack as sports reporter with the LA Times and Hannah, as a 7th grade math teacher.  So, they are hoping to pick their 2022 wedding date soon.  Jack has been saving his airline, hotel credits and money over the last few years so he could pull this off.  So special!  I am one joyful mama!


  1. Sophia Wong says:

    Loved your son’s engagement video. Congratulations to your whole family, Rachel. Love/Hugs

  2. Deb Dusseau says:

    Even after all this time, I teared up when I saw how pleased they both were. A perfect proposal! Deb Dusseau