Road Trip with Rach: Tasty Travel Food Ideas

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With eight trips on the calendar between now and November, I make planning nutritious travel foods a priority. Today I shared several tasty travel food ideas in my Arizona Daily Mix morning show segment. Here’s what I eat to stay healthy on the road and these suggestions work for families as well. One thing I love to do is incorporate Shamrock Farms On-The-Go Whole Milk and Shamrock Farms Whole Chocolate Milk because who doesn’t love an ice cold protein packed container of chocolate milk! From sunrise to sunset, here are a few travel food ideas for all to stay nourished and energized on the road!  

The Night Before Travel Breakfast Idea

*Overnight Oats incorporating Shamrock Farms On-The-Go Whole Milk or Shamrock Farms Chocolate Milk – Simply add your favorite mix-ins and store in the fridge in ready-to-go mini mason jars.

To make a quick and tasty overnight oat recipe…

*1 Cup Old Fashioned Oats with 1 cup of the Shamrock Farms milk of choice

*Add 2 Tbl of peanut butter

*Add 2 Tbl of honey

*Top with blueberries and store in the fridge overnight.

So easy! For another one of my favorite overnight oats recipe that incorporates those ingredients plus chia seeds and cocoa, click here to see how to make that variety.

The Morning Of Travel

*A scrumptious simple smoothie that combines one full On-The-Go Shamrock Farms Whole Chocolate Milk.

To make a simple scrumptious smoothie…

*Combine 1 Shamrock Farms On-The-Go 12 oz Whole Chocolate Milk container (so easy!) with a scoop of peanut butter

*Add a handful of strawberries, one banana and a dash of cinnamon.

*Top the smoothie with granola and a strawberry.

*Pour in a travel cup and out the door you go fueled with a yummy smoothie that is packed with protein. In fact the Shamrock Farms Whole Chocolate Milk contains 13 essential nutrients like calcium, Vitamin D, protein and potassium and it does not contain high fructose corn syrup.

Packed Lunch For In The Car

*Save money and time by skipping the highway fast food stops to instead enjoy a nutritious packed lunch on the road. When it comes to packing a lunch for hungry kids, presentation is everything, so use a bento box style lunch box to separate and display colorful foods like grapes, trail mix, yellow fish crackers, apple slices, a sandwich cut into fun shapes and more. Be sure to top it off with nutritious Shamrock Farms Whole Milk. The handy 12-ounce travel sized milk comes in a resealable container, so it’s a nutrient-dense beverage that is family-friendly.

Afternoon Travel Snack Pack

My kids are all grown up, but I still remember having restless little ones in the back seat asking how much longer until we would arrive to our destination. To break up the time and keep bellies satisfied, have a handy snack pack ready. My go-to foods in the pack include a granola bar, banana, popcorn, apple slices (my mom always told me that apples naturally clean teeth) and chocolate milk…which makes kids cheer when they see that in the snack bag! And parents feel great watching kiddos drink milk because Shamrock Farms milk is made pure and fresh right here in the Valley of the Sun at the Shamrock Farms family farm…and the farm has been serving Arizona for over 100 years! I also like to add Shamrock Farms Cottage Cheese topped with diced pineapple or peaches. So yummy!

Post Travel Activity Refuel Food

If you’re like me, you move your body during your travels, so after hiking, swimming, kayaking, etc. fuel up with something healthy like chocolate milk, which gives the body a healthy dose of protein. Shamrock Farms milk is r-BST free and is made in the hometown dairy so you know you are getting the good stuff.

A Surprise Treat

At the end of the day or midday when you want to surprise the family, serve a surprise treat that is Shamrock Farms flavored milks that come in Strawberry, Cookies n’ Cream and Birthday Cake. Fun!

I grab my On-The-Go Shamrock Farms Whole Milk varieties at my local QuickTrip on my way out of town because it’s super convenient. The store offers the handy On-The-Go travel sized milk in both white and chocolate milk. To see additional locations where Shamrock Farms milk is sold and to get more recipes using Shamrock Farms products, visit the Shamrock Farms website and be sure to follow on Instagram @shamrockfarmsmilk.

Stay nourished on the road and Happy Travels! is very proud to partner with Shamrock Farms with this sponsored post to share delicious and nutritious travel food ideas! 

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