Peachy Keen Recipes For Peach Season!

Peach season has arrived so here are three peachy keen recipes.  See my video from last year below to learn how to make a refreshing peach sparkling water beverage, a healthy peach yogurt and a decadent peach cobbler dump cake that can be quickly made in the microwave. Since June is peach season, I decided […]

Fab Food Smart Swaps

If you saw my KTVK 3TV fab food smart swap segment today on the Your Life Arizona morning show, then you probably want the simple swap recipes. Here they are.  Smart, simple, satisfying and savory.  A big thank you to my future daughter-in-law to be, Hannah for these great ideas. Fab Food Everything Bagel Smart […]

Peachy Keen Recipes For Peach Cake, Yogurt & Sparkling Drink

Scroll down to watch the video segment of the peachy keen recipes that I recently showed in my morning show segment on KTVK’s Your Life Arizona.  I showed how to make three peach recipes that include a refreshing peach sparkling water beverage, healthy peach yogurt and a decadent peach cobbler dump cake that can be […]

Healthy Back To School Food For Thought Ideas

As seen in my 3TV segment on the KTVK morning show, Your Life Arizona, here is what I showed along with some ideas on creative better foods for the lunch box, after school snacks and more.  As the mother of two juniors now (one in high school and one in college), I have a lot […]

Going Green: Why I Drink My Water Out Of A Box

Manic: Trying to be as earth-friendly as I can, even though, like most of us, I am on the go.  A lot! Managed:  Found a way to let go of our convenient, but not earth-friendly, water bottle-by-the-bunches habit by switching to something kind of cool that I eyed in a Nekter store one day. Boxed Water.  Yep […]

Last Minute Fabulous 4th of July Party Food & Drink Ideas

Manic:  You have been invited to or are hosting a 4th of July celebration and you need something fun and festive to bring…but also something that is easy and simple to prepare. Managed:  I put together an assortment of ideas for you to quickly choose from.  Some are from awesome social media and some are […]

Festive Fun Holiday Recipes With Shamrock Farms Foods

Eggnog peppermint cheesecake anyone?  How about an eggnog latte with extract made of rum?  Yum! And here is a fun and tasty idea…peppermint eggnog punch for kids of all ages!  It is all here plus I also share a quick tip that will spice up your mashed potatoes that is super simple. Plus sour cream […]

My Favorite Juicing Recipes

     Manic:  Me trying to get 5 daily servings of fruits and veggies in my body…not to mention my kids, too.  It isn’t easy! Managed:  Started juicing and I like it.  Check out the recipes I showed on the KTVK 3TV morning show, “Your Life A to Z” and you will be pleasantly surprised by […]

Festive 4th of July Food Fun!

Manic:  Thrilled to get invited to a 4th of July party, but don’t know what to bring….and I’m not very talented in the kitchen, but I need some easy and tasty last minute munchie ideas. Managed:  Trying out a couple of easy fun food ideas that my gal pal texted me.  Plus I have a super […]

Melon Berry Crush Smoothie Recipe from Pomegranate Cafe

      Manic:  Need a festive 4th of July treat, but I want something healthy that my kids will also enjoy. Managed:  Asked the pros at Pomegranate Café for ideas and they gave me their Melon Berry Crush smoothie recipe.  Not only is it red, white and blue, but it is also very good for you!  Read on […]

The Get Things Moving Smoothly Smoothie

Manic:  I get so busy running kids around town, that I forget to eat enough fiber to keep things moving…if you know what I mean!   Managed:  Discussing this with another manic managed  mom, who told me about a magical smoothie that keeps your metabolism moving smoothly.  I’m all for that, so I gave this […]