Healthy Back To School Food For Thought Ideas

As seen in my 3TV segment on the KTVK morning show, Your Life Arizona, here is what I showed along with some ideas on creative better foods for the lunch box, after school snacks and more.  As the mother of two juniors now (one in high school and one in college), I have a lot […]

An Amtrak Train Trip Vacation…Reviewed by my Teenager!

Manic:  My son’s schedule with honors classes, travel hockey, Student Council, National Jr. Honor Society, ushering at our church and more! Managed:  He got away from it all and took a very special trip with his Grandparents on an Amtrak train.  And he offered to blog about it for us, so check out what he […]

Does Your Pediatrician Do This?

Manic:  Discovering that our long-time pediatrician had retired!  And this was at the start of the school year last August! Managed:  Asking my great gal pal, Liz who she takes her kids to see, and wow…what an amazing doctor!  I have to tell you about her because if your pediatrician isn’t doing this, you should […]

Stand Up to Bullying

Last week was No Name Calling Week and the post, that our writer Lisa Walton wrote, received a strong response from other parents and teachers who want to put a stop to name calling and to bullying.  We received a letter from one of our readers named Sarah Fudin.  She emailed us with a request […]

Parents Read This! No Name Calling Week Is This Week reader and school teacher, Lisa Walton, asked me if she could write this week’s post about an important initiative happening this week called No Name Calling Week.  With all of the articles that I see about the problems with bullying, I readily agreed that this is a good topic to write about.  So read […]

Childhood Depression: Know the Signs writer Lisa Walton takes on a difficult topic today and she does a great job with it.  Read on to learn about the signs of childhood depression because our kids don’t come with manuals and they don’t come with revised manuals when they become teenagers, either.  Lisa did her homework and learned about signs […]

3TV Segment: Family Road Trip Ready Tips

A Website That Every Parent Should Know About!

Manic:  Quickly sorting through the sea of kids movies, music, books and more to make sound decisions about what they watch….and sometimes making the wrong decision.  At times, I’ve screwed up because I decided too quicky or I gave in to the common argument from my kids that goes like this….”well my friend’s mom let them […]

Take the Pledge: No Texting & Driving Teens…and All Ages!

Wow!  That is all I can say.  I don’t even watch a lot of reality shows and I usually don’t watch “Extreme Home Makeover,” but when I went to record my favs, “Desperate Housewives” and “Brothers and Sisters,” a little voice told me to instead tape “Extreme Home Makeover” tonight.  So I did. So, as […]

Tips for life with a new teenager!

Two months ago we became the proud, but anxious, parents of a teenager.  Our first-born turned 13 and we have been wondering what these years will bring.  We wonder because we hear funny and not-so-funny tales of teens filling a household with strange new hormones.  And we also wonder because we remember when we filled […]