Stand Up to Bullying

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Last week was No Name Calling Week and the post, that our writer Lisa Walton wrote, received a strong response from other parents and teachers who want to put a stop to name calling and to bullying.  We received a letter from one of our readers named Sarah Fudin.  She emailed us with a request to share this graphic below.  Take a look and do what you can to help put an end to bullying.  Being educated about this severe problem is a great place to start.  Read below for some startling statistics and some signs to look for if you think someone you know is either being bullied….or is doing the bullying…..

Bullying Awareness Week took place two months ago and the theme, “Stand Up!” (to bullying) must continue to resonate with our teachers, students, parents and within our own communities.  So take a look at this and share with others and thank you, Sarah for sharing this very important information with


School Bullying Outbreak MAT@USC
Via MAT@USC: Masters in Teaching