Going Green: Why I Drink My Water Out Of A Box

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Manic: Trying to be as earth-friendly as I can, even though, like most of us, I am on the go.  A lot!

Managed:  Found a way to let go of our convenient, but not earth-friendly, water bottle-by-the-bunches habit by switching to something kind of cool that I eyed in a Nekter store one day.

Boxed Water.  Yep you read that right.  If you haven’t seen this before, here it is…

This is the small 8.4 oz size. Boxed Water can also be ordered in the bigger 16.9 oz container or even bigger 1-liter box.  The boxes are cute, lightweight and we think that the water tastes better boxed, too!  And this means less plastic ends up in the landfills, oceans and land.  I know our small change doesn’t have that big of an impact, but I decided to blog about it to spread the word and perhaps it will then have a bigger impact.  Green is good.  Doing what we can to help the earth for our children is good stuff.  And this boxed water is tasty and good.

Every month I order several cases of Boxed Water from the company’s website

We keep the boxes in a small fridge upstairs so these boxed waters are great to have at night. We also like to grab one before we head downstairs and out the door. They taste really good chilled.

Why thank you, Boxed Water company! I think you guys are the rock stars providing an alternative to the growing excess of plastic water bottles that are choking our planet.

And how cool is this…

Another reason I decided to share this boxed water tip that our family does…I post and they are going to plant two trees.  Yay!  I do believe their slogan to be true, too…

It is better! For the environment and it tastes better than plastic, too! (photo from Boxed Water website)

There is a downside, though.  Boxed Water is going to cost you more than bottled water.  For now, I choose to spend more on this and less in other areas, like less junk food purchases (well…most of the time).  I do at times purchase bottled water with electrolytes when I need that extra hydration.  I guess I could add electrolytes to my boxed water though. I just thought of that!  But mostly I have made the switch to this.

And that is why I drink my water out of a box!