Weekly Pet Pic: Maxx Meets Little Charlie!

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We are so excited this week because we received a lot of wonderful cool pet pictures for our weekly pet pic post!  Thanks everyone.  Keep sending us your precious pet pictures because our managedmoms.com team believe that our sweet 4-legged companions (haven’t received any bird pics yet, so that is why we say 4-legged!) really relieve stress, so we love to share!

This week’s post captures the first meeting of big and older dog, Maxx meeting newcomer, tiny little Charlie.  The pictures are darling!   Take a look….


Meet this family's new pup, Charlie! So adorable!


Next witness Charlie meeting Maxx…

It looks like the meeting went well!


Yes, I think these two like each other…..

 A special thanks to Charlie and Maxx’s family for sharing these precious pet pics with us to post for all of you.  I just love these photographs!  Welcome to your new home, Charlie!  And what a good boy Maxx is!
Keep sending us your pet pics and make it a great weekend, everyone!