Great Holiday Decor Idea That Works For Other Holidays, Too!

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Manic:  Finally almost done with my holiday home decor, but I would like to find one more item that works for Christmas…but for other holidays, too.

Managed:  Our home decor expert showed me a cool idea that is fun to put out and works for all kinds of holidays.  Check this out…

Bridget says:

I love things that I can use for all of the different holidays and that I can also display all year long.  So here is one of my all time favorites.  A Hallmark classic that sells for $29.99.  I purchased mine at my local Hallmark store.  This is a beautiful word sign.  I love how words make a house a home.  They come in phrases that include:  “Believe,” “Family” and “Love.”

Simply mount the magnetic bracket or hang by two nails on your wall.  Or you can put on the base and set on an island, counter or sofa table…or wherever you like.

Display it plain or place the magnetic symbols on the sign.  The magnets come in every holiday, sport, season, flower and more!

There is something for everyone to put on this sign or it can be displayed plain, which is simple and elegant.  However, I love the festive magnets!  The packages of magnetic decorations sell for about $3.00 a pack and this is something that you will continue to use forever!  It would also look great on a mantel with pine and lights.  Our family loves our decorative sign display which gives our home a feeling of holiday cheer and warmth.

Happy Holidays everyone!