Weekly Pet Pic: Three Furry Friends Take Shelter Together!

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Manic:  To 3 dogs that live in Tempe, close to ASU, the sounds of the fireworks that celebrate the hustle and bustle of the college football season is definitely a bit manic for their canine tastes!

Managed:  Seeking shelter and comfort in the family’s pantry…aww….so sweet….take a look….

Bless their hearts!  We asked their human Mom, Elizabeth to tell us their names and she sent along a terrific and funny description of each pooch too!  Elizabeth says…

“From left to right it’s Rollie, my three-legged rescue boy from AHS…Lily, the snarky cockapoo diva…and, “Mother” Tucker, the most destructive golden retriever EVER (aka Marley’s evil twin).  The only one not shown is Piccolo, the best dog ever…thus she doesn’t need to be in pictures of animals gone bad.”

Ha!  Love it!  Thanks Elizabeth!  And how awesome that you rescued the sweet three-legged Rollie!  He found an amazing home with you and your family!

Send us your pet pics!  We love to get them every weekend!  We have been told that our weekly pet pics make you smile, just like our pets do for us!  Send to [email protected] and have a great Sunday!