This Week’s Words of Wisdom

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I’m starting a new post this weekend that I will do every weekend called This Week’s Words of Wisdom because I love hearing phrases that encourage me, make me laugh or just make me think.  And I am the manic managed mom, so food for thought makes me a little less manic…at least I like to think that!  So today’s words of wisdom comes from one of my favorite ACT (Ahwatukee Children’s Theatre) peeps, Lori Olawski who shared these words of wisdom with me the other day that her mother told her…..

When you feel depressed, you are living in the past

When you feel calm, you are living in the present

When you feel anxious, you are living in the future

istock rainbow

Doesn’t that make good sense?  I love that!  Here is to living in the present! If you have a favorite phrase, email it to me at [email protected] and we will post it on our Words of Wisdom day.   Have a great week 🙂