A Look Back-Son’s Grad Video I Made Is Also Family Love Letter

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Happy Graduation Month to so many!  For fun, I took a look back today at my son’s grad video that I made for him in 2016.

Getting to this milestone is horribly wonderful or the perfect term, bittersweet, for the parents. Me two years ago with my now college student. I miss him but my joy for how well he is doing in college outweighs feeling his absence.  Chapter closes, another opens.  So amazing to have a front row seat as a parent.

I worked super hard on the video below and I was able to use some of the skills I learned working in a newsroom.  Two years later, it still makes me cry.  I also watch this and see that this ended up being a heartfelt love letter to my family, extended family and good friends.  So blessed!  It is also my touching tribute to those who left us too soon by the time my son graduated from high school.  Oh my heart.

My favorite parts of this video are the little sister chapter, the grandparents chapter, the milestones, the daddy and son duo section and the cool surprise at the very end.  Sharing again for fun and to celebrate and get in the spirit of graduation week.  For those of you with kids and teens, watch this and you will be reminded just how darn fast they grow up.  For those of you with graduates, congrats!  Enjoy and cherish every moment this month as you celebrate your graduate.  Cheers to your kid…and to you! If you need a good video tool site in the future, I used the terrific site called Animoto that made this feat quite easy!