Alert-Do This Simple Security 2020 Quick Tip To Protect Yourself

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This may be the shortest blog article I ever write and it may be one of the most important ones, too.  To protect yourself financially and otherwise in this new year, follow this one super simple quick tip.  When dating a check or any document be sure to fully write out 2020.  If you just list the last two digits of this year (example writing 1/14/20) then potentially an evil person out there can quickly add which ever year they want to the end your written number 20.  It could be changed to 2001 or 2023, for example.  Adding two digits to the end of 20 isn’t hard to do.  At all!  This could possibly result in an altered contract agreement or keep a check live longer than you desire among other risky situations.  It has been in the news that scam artists are easily adding a different year to the end of signed documents leaving the original signer liable.  So be safe!

Don’t do this….1/14/20

Do this….1/14/2020

2020 has arrived and this year requires that all four digits be written to protect you and yours.  Be sure to share this tip with your teens and young adults.

Happy quick tip day!