Daily Fit Tip: Home Shape Up

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Manic:  I realized today that tomorrow starts a very busy weekend for our family and my house was, well…kind of trashed!

Managed:  Decided that today’s workout would be me getting my house in shape! 

There are days when a run or trip to the gym just doesn’t fit in.  So when that happens, proceed with your busy day, but make plans with a pal to workout out together the next day.  She will hold you to it!

I spent a large part of my day finally cleaning, decluttering, sweeping, scrubbing, washing and more.  I don’t even want to tell you what I found under our couch!  Put it this way, I could see what my kids had for snack time this week!  Yuck!

Yep, I couldn’t let my home go another day, so I really cleaned.  I worked hard so that I was burning calories with every step, sweep and trip up the stairs.

And I called my gal pal and told her that we were indeed on to hike the mountain tomorrow.  We had been trying to plan this for the last couple of weeks.  Reconfirming the hike ensures that I will get a real workout in tomorrow, although this manic managed mom says that a good house cleaning is a real workout! 

 And both feel great…after it’s done!  Wishing you all a wonderful weekend with less house work and more fun!