Daily Fit Tip: Don’t Forget the Docs!

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Manic:  We women get so busy caring for others, that we don’t always make time to care for ourselves and get that annual physical.  Read on to see what surprising things I discovered about my own manic managed body this year!

Managed:  Schedule a head-to-toe physical with several different types of docs right around your birthday.  This way when your birthday rolls around again, you will know that a year has passed, so it is time to get that annual check-up.

For me, the 40s have been interesting and I am thankful that I made appointments to get my busy body all checked out.  Here are some surprises that my docs discovered that I am glad to know about…

1.  After I saw a dermatologist, it was discovered that I have a high number of moles that need to be monitored.  All are fine now, but it is good to know which ones I should be watching carefully.

2.  My general practitioner ran a well check blood test and I was shocked to discover that I am Vitamin D deficient!  Really?!  Even though I live here in sunny Arizona?  It turns out that a lot of women are, especially after they turn 40!  Knowing about it is crucial because now I take Vitamin D supplements.  Plus recent research suggests that Vitamin D is very important to our cells and is thought to help ward off certain cancers.

3.  My eye doc found a mole on my eyeball that can’t be seen by the naked eye.  A special test called the OptiMap detects moles in the eyes.  Another one that must be watched and I feel lucky to know about, as early detection is crucial if my eye mole turns cancerous.

4.  Some good news!  My vision improved and that was a wonderful surprise!  It turns out that I don’t need readers anymore, just as long as I’m wearing the correct contacts. 

5.  Just finished two rounds of skin testing for allergies and discovered that I’m pretty darn allergic to yeast.  Dang!  I adore bread and enjoy an occassional ice-cold beer. 

This actually wasn’t too much of a shock since Dr. Theresa Ramsey, a highly regarded naturopathic physician in Paradise Valley, told me this a couple of years ago.  She did a few tests and determined that I was sensitive to yeast, so I knew that.  Although, I thought that the allergy had improved, but now that it has shown up again, I have the opportunity to reduce this allergy.  I’ll be writing a more extensive entry about that and skin allergy testing in a few days, so stay tuned.

6.  An appointment with an ENT uncovered a nodule on my vocal cord.  Since my voice gets hoarse a lot, it was a relief to know that there is an actual cause for my hoarse voice and that it can be improved with natural therapies.  The nodule is small enough that it is not too much of a concern.

So, even with the moles, yeast allergy, nodule vocal cord and low Vitamin D, I am actually pretty darn healthy.  The key is knowing about this stuff so I can treat it and make the necessary changes to improve these conditions. 

So, gal pals out there, do me a favor — schedule an appointment to check on that body of yours.  Since we are constantly on the go, it is good to know how our body is functioning from head to toe.  And knowledge is power when it comes to your health.   Then you can get the tools you need to be healthy and feel great as we manage our manic schedules the best we can!

Be well and see that doctor of yours, friends!