Gal Pal Power

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Manic: Feeling tired, worried and overwhelmed with a sick kid!

Managed: Reaching out to gal pals for help!

Gal pal power is amazing, that is all I can say!  Well, I guess I’ll say more since this is a blog after all.  And yes, I must admit, I’m long-winded.   So, I’ll keep this short and sweet.

My little sick girl has been battling a tough case of Bronchitis this week.  The coughing spells are brutal and painful.  They leave her limp and tired like a wet rag.  And as a mama, my face must stay calm.  That is not easy when I see tears roll down her face with each painful cough.  It makes me cringe with worry.  But she can’t see that.

So when the coughing was done and she was still again, I would look at my phone and be greeted by numerous emails and text messages from gal pals asking how they could help.  And they did.  Some took my son to school and practice when my husband couldn’t do it.  Others brought homework home and many sent encouraging messages with very effective pep talks that kept me going and kept me calm for my daughter.

So to all of you amazing pals out there, I say thank you!  Gal pal power is a true gift that fills the heart and soul.  And we mamas have got to stick together and help each other out.  I do believe it takes a village and I am truly blessed to be surrounded by beautiful friends who fill me with every email, every text, every visit and every smile.

Looking forward to my daughter’s full recovery….and a good glass of Vino with my amazing and gorgeous gal pals!

Thank you sisters! 🙂