Welcome To My Website!

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Welcome to my new website!  Saying goodbye to my manic managed mom blog was bittersweet.   I loved my blog.

My long-time buddy, Jill, owner of What Else Marketing, gave the blog life when she designed it for me several months ago.  And that beautiful blog was my daily connection to you, my fellow gal pals out there working hard every day to manage our manic lives.

And it was going so well, that I hired a former 3TV colleague of mine to be my webmaster.  Elizabeth, owner of Pink Umbrella Media, told me that it was time to grow, branch out and launch a website.

So here she is!  Do you like it?  Didn’t Elizabeth do a beautiful job?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments section, as we would love to hear your feedback.

So now, instead of manic managed mom, meet the managedmoms.com compliments of me, the manic managed mom, Elizabeth and Jill.

Please view this site as a community where busy women come together to share ideas on how to manage life in a manic world.

Got a recipe?  Want to share a fitness tip or a cute pet pic?  Leave the information in the comments section or drop me an email with what you want to share!

After all, we manic managed moms (and this includes moms of the canine and feline type, too!) need to stick together.  It does take a village!

And thanks to all of you who came out Thursday night to help me raise funds for the awesome Ahwatukee Children’s Theatre!

Hillside Spot Cafe provided the perfect patio, appetizing apps and divine wine!  Nathan and the Hillside team could not have been more accommodating!

A huge special thanks to Kodak, BeadedbrACElets, Backstage Salon & Spa, celebrity makeup artist Karen Hall, Elizabeth Langford Photography and Hillside Spot Cafe for providing top notch raffle prizes.  Be sure to visit here tomorrow to see the winning ticket numbers!

Another big thank you goes out to The Seaweed Bath Co., Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Treatment Cream and Revolution Foods Organic Jammy Sammy snack size sandwich bars for donating goods for the goodie bags!

And to my great gal pals, Julie, Michelle K., Michelle J., Bridget and DeeDee who worked for wine to help me, Jill and Elizabeth party on to raise funds for ACT.  Thanks ladies.  I know you would have worked for free, too…but those yummy Hillside Spot Cafe organic wines sure were good, weren’t they?!

A good time was had by all, so be sure to visit managedmoms.com tomorrow to see if you hold the winning ticket.  Six winning tickets will be posted.

Plus stay tuned to see some fun party pictures.  My terrific webmaster, Elizabeth with Elizabeth Langford Photography, will be posting those soon.

So, welcome to managedmoms.com!  Let us know if you like the new site.

Logon, connect, share, laugh, enjoy and smile!  And don’t forget to breathe, too 🙂