Customer Service Standout: Service Pros For Plumbing Woes

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Manic:  While I was out running an errand, my teenager calls me in a panic.  The toilet is overflowing and he doesn’t know what to do.  Oops, I forgot to teach him how to use a plunger in a situation like this and he needs me to get home fast.

Managed:  After I rush home and discover that the toilet started overflowing all on its own, with no one having used it that day, I knew I had to think fast to get it repaired.  The company that I called exceeded all of my expectations, so if you have plumbing problems, you’ve got to know about Service Pros (

Service Pros is family owned and operated.  Just minutes after my call, the very nice scheduler called me right back.   Since we had an awards ceremony to attend, we scheduled the plumber to come out the next morning at 8:30 a.m. 

Here is what Service Pros did, that went above and beyond:

1.  Tom, the very nice field technician, was 10 minutes early!  I can’t tell you how many times companies have been late, very late actually.  And he had been here two years ago.  It is nice to know that they have low turnover. 

2.  He promised to be done in an hour, since I had an appointment to get to.  He was done in 45 minutes.

3.  Once finished, he asked me if there was anything else that I would like him to inspect.  Our shower was clogged to the max with hair from the gals in the family.  I hate when that happens!  Once done, he told me that he would not charge me for the shower unclogging.  Nice!

4.  Then he recommended that I go to the company’s website to print out money-saving coupons ( that I could use that same day.  Even nicer! 

Tom directed me to the company's website and look at all the coupons they offer!

Service Pros also does heating and cooling repairs.  Service Pros can be reached at 480-834-5118 on the East side of town.  Call 602-424-0365 for the Central Valley.  And if you are calling from the West side, dial 623-209-0378.  Check them out at

Wishing all of you a happy day with little or no home repairs!  It’s always something, isn’t it?!