Sneak Peek of Things To Come!

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     Manic:  Trying to come up with tons of great content for this website each and everyday!

Managed:  Inviting a few local experts to join the team with fresh ideas to make even better!

Next month I will introduce my team of experts to you.  I’m very proud to have assembled several local accredited experts in their different fields to contribute to this site.  Food, beauty, fitness and more will be covered.  We will unveil the new team next month, but I can give you a sneak preview today.  And this is a good one!

Pomegranate Cafe in Ahwatukee ( showed me how to makeover one of my recipes and this time, it is lasagna.  Meet the very talented culinary team, Mother and daughter and cafe owners, Marlene and Cassie Tolman.

Love these two ladies. They make all food (and desserts) extremely healthy and extremely tasty!

They asked their Chef Ana to give it a healthy meal makeover.  Yesterday, they served it as their lunch special and I can’t even describe to you just how tasty it was!

Next month, we will share the secret recipe when we officially unveil the new team.  I can give you one hint….this lasagna has no pasta in it!  Eggplant was used instead and it is out of this world!  Take a look at my before and after lunch plate!

Before Pic: Pomegranate’s lasagna with fresh salad & garlic bread. YUM!!


After: Can you tell how much I loved it?! I ate every bite, in spite of myself! But at Pomegranate, it is guilt-free eating because every bite is very good for you 🙂


So, stay tuned because we will soon share this secret recipe and introduce the rest of the team.  Plus we will have a special beauty coupon in May’s newsletter.  Are you signed up to receive the monthly newsletter?  Just click this link to do so:

Look on the right-hand side of the home page and sign up for the newsletter under the section called “Get The Newsletter” and you will receive the newsletter with special offers and more at the beginning of each month.  My webmaster, Elizabeth, does a terrific job putting it together for us.  Thanks Liz!

Share ideas you have for the website here in the comments section.  The site is growing every day and I thank all the folks who have given us such great feedback and ideas.

And stay tuned for the very healthy and super tasty veggie, pasta-less lasagna recipe coming next month.  You won’t believe how scrumptious it tastes!  Thanks Pomegranate Cafe.

And be sure to visit the cafe, as they also introduced thier new menu yesterday.  Pomegranate Cafe is located at 40th Street and Chandler Blvd., just a few doors down from Trader Joe’s in Ahwatukee.  This restaurant is truly the real thing, using organic, whole foods from local farms.  Good stuff!