Perfect Pony Tail Tricks & Tips from Expert Stylist Angelic

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Manic:  No time to do my or my daughter’s hair!

Managed:  Asked expert hair stylist and owner of Backstage Salon & Spa, Angelic, how to create the perfect pony fast!  She told us that it is important to your hair’s health to buy the right kind of pony tail holders. 

Here are her tips to create a pretty pony in under a minute:

1.  Start with a fine-tooth comb, not a brush.  A comb will help to get all those annoying stray hairs to stay in the pony.

2.  Smooth with a good pommade like the Paul Mitchell brand.  Just dab a few drops in your palm, rub your hands together and glide product over the pulled back hair.  This will add a bit of shine and will tame flyaways that tend to pop out of ponytails, which is always annoying. 

3.  Next use the right rubber band because that makes all the difference.   Check out this picture of three different types of rubber bands.  Can you name which kind is the best kind for your hair?

What did you guess?  Here is the answer:

You probably guessed correctly on this one being the WRONG type for your hair. Keep it on the Sunday paper and off your pony tail!

Angelic says to avoid this type because the metal part of the band pulls hair out. I didn't think of that!


The right type, says Angelic and she found these at the Dollar Store, so the price is right, too 🙂

  4.  Next tease the pony using the comb or by scrunching it with your hands, as Angelic demonstrates in this picture. 

5.  And now you’ve got a beautiful smooth, but full, pony tail.  Pretty pony tails are perfect for those sizzling summer days.

Angelic Papadakis, Hair Stylist & Owner of Backstage Salon & Spa.

Angelic has been a stylist in the Valley of the Sun for more than 15 years.  Specializing in precision cuts, Angelic has  taken her passion for hair and transformed it into her salon, Backstage Salon & Spa in Tempe, Arizona.

Read more about Angelic on our team bio page

What are your favorite pony tail tricks?  Tell us here in the comments section.


  1. Great idea for adults too! I like the idea of teasing the pony for fullness, especially for those of us not gifted with long, thick locks like your daughter. I’ll have to try that. Goody makes a good ponytail holder for fine hair that doesn’t slip. The holder has a little bit of rubber to keep it from sliding down your hair. It’s the only one that will stay in my hair when I go running. I’m not sure how it is with damaging your hair though.