Weekly Pet Pic: Stanley, The Statue – A Reminder To Relax

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ManicMe every day, trying to get it all done!  Just this week, my daughter had a dress rehearsal on Monday night, a recital performance on Tuesday night and my son had a NJHS induction ceremony on Wednesday night.  Then on Thursday my son had a religious eduction lesson and this weekend we attended a Holy Communion for my daughter’s friend.  And tomorrow my son gets Confirmed in our church!  So, it has been a week full of many blessings and also a lot of commitments and driving.

Managed:  I took a moment to stop racing around my house getting everything done to enjoy my cat.  I saw my silly cat, Stanley sitting high up on a chair looking like a handsome statue, if I may say so myself!  This feline of mine reminded me to stop, pet him and enjoy the many gifts in life, like my funny orange cat that has been such a great addition to our family, since we adopted him from the pound. 

So, take a moment this weekend with your pet, family and friends to reflect on the simple act I observed in my cat…just being.   Be, breathe and have a beautiful weekend.

And if you have a pet pic you want to share, let us know!  We’ve had several of you tell us that you have one in mind.  We would love to feature your pet pal in a weekly pet pic, as I truly believe that the unconditional love our animals give us reduce stress and increase smiles 🙂