Cool Pic Picks To Start Your Week

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     Manic:  Thinking of just how much we have going on in the next seven days!  What happened to the lazy days of summer?!

Managed:  Not planned, but I was able to snap a few cool pictures over the weekend.  And looking at these pics helps me relax.  So take a look, take a deep breath and have a good week out there everyone!

Cool Pics 1 & 2:

I noticed my cats staring intensely out the window and when I peeked out, I saw a bunch of baby birds that must have just left the nest for good. And then one landed right on my window....


...and he looked at me and opened his mouth wide! I almost felt like he knew that I was a Mama and was asking me for food!


Cool Pic 3:

Found my favorite flower in a nice arrangement at my grocery store and I think they look perfect in this little vase that belongs to my daughter. The scent of the pink lily takes me back to my wedding day, as that was my favorite flower in my bouquet.

 So if you start to feel stress this coming week, just visualize something calming like a little baby bird or pretty flowers.  Let nature calm you for a bit.

And if you are missing Roman’s Monday yoga posts, he returns next Monday! 

Plus this week…

*I’ll have more road trip adventures that cover Carmel, wine country, San Francisco and more. 

*And I’ll show you 10 drug store beauty picks that all sell for under 10 bucks in my 3TV segment on Wednesday. 

*Also, Celebrity Makeup Artist Karen Hall shares another top notch beauty tip that you’ll want to know all about. 

*And don’t forget to visit our site on Friday for this week’s Freebie Friday winner.  This week’s awesome prize is a bundle of beautiful bracelets hand-made by beadedbrACElets (  More about how to enter at

All that and more this week on so stay tuned and have a great week!