Roman’s Recommended Yoga for Stretching Hamstrings & More

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  Manic:  Been at my computer a lot lately checking schedules, school supply lists and more as we head into another busy school year.  This has made my lower body feel too tight, so I need a good stretch that will also open my hips.

Managed:  Roman to the rescue with a pose that feels good and does a lot of good.   Read on and feel better!

Roman says:

Lizard Pose:  Utthan Pristhasana


*Opens tight hips and groins

*Stretches the hamstrings, quadriceps and thighs

*Strengthens the lower back muscles

*Lengthens the spine

1.  From downward facing dog, exhale as you step the right foot forward to the outside of your right hand.  Beginners can lower the left knee to the floor and place the forearms on a block to decrease the intensity of the stretch.

2.  With an inhale, relax your shoulders back as you lift the sternum and gaze forward.  Lengthen through the nape of the neck as you extend through the crown of your head.

3.  As you exhale, lower your forearms to the mat so the elbows line directly under the shoulders.  Engage your inner thigh to bring the right knee closer to the right shoulder.

4.  Keep your gaze and jaw relaxed. Stay in the pose for 1-3 minutes.

5.  To come out of the pose, lift up to the hands and step back to downward facing dog. Switch to the left side.

About Roman:

About Roman Acevedo, Yoga Instructor

Roman began practicing yoga in 2000 to complement his rigorous workout and hectic work schedule. Leading to increased strength, concentration and flexibility, he found yoga far more beneficial in restoring peace in any stressful environment. Studying under Andrew Eppler and local instructors Dave Oliver, Cheryl Oliver and John Salisbury, Roman is currently working towards the 500 hour advanced Yoga Instructor training.

Read more about Roman on our team bio page. 

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