Roman’s Recommended Yoga Partner Pose

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    Manic:  Another Monday and you may not feel like exercising today with such a lengthy to-do list.

Managed:  Stretch and exercise with a partner to get inspired!  Our yoga expert, Roman suggests this cool yoga partner pose…


Roman says:

Seated Partner Twist

Roman wishes to thank Whitney Zama from Acroyoga for help with this pose.



*Stretches the chest, shoulders, lower back, lungs, abdominal muscles, hip flexers and adductor muscles

*Strengthens the lower back and spine

*Opens the chest

*Improves posture

1.  Sit with your partner on the floor back to back.  Spines should be connected to your partner from tailbone to shoulder.  Bottoms of the feet together in Baddha Konasana.

2.  Place your left hand on your right knee and your right hand on your partner’s right knee.  Your partner does the same.

3.  Inhale together as you exhale initiates the twist. Hold for 3 breath inhale back to center exhale to the opposite side and
repeat.  Do this exercise three times.

4.  Be sure that the twist is comfortable.  Yoga should never hurt.

Contraindications and Cautions:

*Back injury

*Kidney problems



About Roman:

About Roman Acevedo, Yoga Instructor

Roman began practicing yoga in 2000 to complement his rigorous workout and hectic work schedule. Leading to increased strength, concentration and flexibility, he found yoga far more beneficial in restoring peace in any stressful environment. Studying under Andrew Eppler and local instructors Dave Oliver, Cheryl Oliver and John Salisbury, Roman is currently working towards the 500 hour advanced Yoga Instructor training.

Read more about Roman on our team bio page. 

What is your favorite yoga pose?  Tell us in the comments section.