Weeky Pet Pic: A Spoonful of Silly Helps the Medicine Go Down!

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  Manic:  In addition to everything else that went with the very busy first week back to school, our cat ends up needing dental surgery, bless his feline fangs!

Managed:  So, I did what I had to do (moms are really good at this mantra).  First I got my son to his 7:15 am club meeting at his middle school, then dropped my daughter off to her school by 7:30 am and finally made it to the vet to drop off our sweet kitty by 7:45 am  for his surgery prep. 

Once everyone was where they needed to be, a happy me noticed something silly.  I looked down at my feet and realized that in my focused state of getting everyone from point A to point B to point C, I had left the house in my son’s oversized flip flops!  I realized  this while walking through the grocery store several minutes after Tucker’s drop-off!  And I can’t even say if the shoe fits….because my teenagers’ shoes are quite big on me!  But hey, silly big shoes or not, I got everyone where they needed to be on time!  This is why I call myself the Manic but Managed Mom!

Now back to my funny headline and cool cat pic.  I was almost happy to discover that our cat, Tucker would need a week’s worth of medicine following his surgery, which involved the extraction to two infected teeth (poor guy).  Why you ask?!  Since most cats must be held down and forced to take their meds, our funny Tucker LOVES medicine and begs us for his daily dose!  Take a look at my pet pic to see what I mean….

Stan stands in the background saying, “Better you than me” and Tucker says, “Stand back Stan! This medicine is all mine!” Our funny felines!
So if you have a silly cat and are told that your pet needs medicine, you may be surprised that a spoonful of silly helps the medicine go down.  We were sure surprised to see this!  I’ll be glad when he finishes his meds, but Tucker won’t be, because when I simply take the box out of the fridge he comes running!  How does he know?!  It must be the scent.  Tucker is truly the silliest cat that we’ve ever had!  Adopting him from the Arizona Humane Society five years ago has been such a blessing to our feline-loving family.
What silly or sweet pet pictures do you have?  Email us your pics because we love to share your pet pictures.  Here at managedmoms.com, we believe that our pets de-stress us and we all need a dose of that in today’s manic world!  Have a great weekend everyone 🙂