AZ Local: Hiking Season Is Back…but Remember to be Safe!

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Manic:  Me because I didn’t exercise regulary over the summer!

Managed: Me now!  With the morning temperatures coming down in the desert, I am once again heading up my favorite mountain trails and I love it, but we can’t forget the dangers associated with our desert hikes.  Here are my personal hiking rules for a safe and enjoyable workout.


1.  Remember who the boss is when you are coming down our beautiful mountains….the beautiful mountain is the boss!  Be careful and don’t go faster than you think you should, just to keep up with your friends.  It is better to fall a bit behind, than to fall!

2.  I carry my keys freehand when I hike.  Bad idea!  If I take a tumble like I saw one man do last year, then my keys may keep falling past the point of no return.  So, wear a good ol’ fashioned fanny pack.

3.  Take water.  Although some of our Valley mountain hikes are short, it is surprising how hot you get going up.  The mountain seems to intensify the sun.

4.  Buy good shoes.  I finally bought hiking sneakers and I can’t believe what a difference it has made.  I’m still super careful coming down, but I have much better traction now!



5.  Wear a good organic sunscreen.  If you’re worried about the chemicals in the sunblock, visit the website called cosmetic data base ( to look up the ingredients in different sunscreens.

6.  Wear a hat and a SFP moisturizer on your face for protection and to avoid the sun aging you faster than you want it to!

7.  Be alert to bees and snakes.  I like to stay on well-populated paths for that reason.  If I do have a problem, there are plenty of peeps out there hiking who would be happy to lend a helping hand.

8.  Be alert to runners and bikers coming behind you.  Wear ear phones that don’t completely cancel out your enviroment so that you hear people coming behind you and can move aside.

9.  Always bring your phone and make sure it is charged.

Careful out there, folks.  Happy Hiking!

What’s your favorite hiking trail?  Share here in the comments section.