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Fall Break is here so my daughter accompanied me for a weekend away at the popular Phoenix resort, The Phoenician.  Together, we scoped out the property to give you a report on the resort’s family-friendly features.  But first before you book here, or at any resort, beware of what is called the Occupancy/Tourism Tax.  When we booked our 2-night stay, our travel agent quoted us the room rate, but that didn’t include the nightly $42.88 extra charge called the Occupancy/Tourism Tax rate.  That was an unwelcome surprise!  But here is what we did like…and we liked a lot of the resort’s amenities.  We will show you in pictures…

The Pools

Since we don't have a pool, a good pool is a must for my water-loving daughter. This resort has several pools that give families space and grownups adult-only pool areas, which everyone appreciates, I'm sure.

The fun twisty-turny water slide resulted in a hearty thumbs-up review from my tween. I swear she went down it 100 times!

Several of these scenic bridges lead guests from the casitas to the pool.

And interesting fish live underneath the bridges for all to see. Kids staying at the resort loved to watch the fish.

Bright yellow cabanas are inviting, but renting one will cost you several hundred dollars, so we parked ourselves in the comfy lounge chairs and didn't go near the banana-colored cabanas.


My favorite resort activity was the Yoga For Everybody class that allowed me to bring my girl. Since we had booked massages, the yoga class was free. And this property does offer kids massages, as long as she is in the same room with me. So we booked massages for two and my daughter told me that the massage (her first) was her favorite thing that we have ever done! Yep, she takes after me for sure, except that I didn't have my first massage until I was 26 years old, so she is one lucky kid!

Our yoga class was 75 minutes long and done on the lawn in our perfect Arizona October weather. At the end of the session, we were invited to lie still for a good five minutes or so. When I opened my eyes, this is what I saw. I had to take a picture of the pleasing palms!

My daughter loved twirling in the grounds gazebo. This would be a fun place to hold a special event!

And here is the pretty view from inside the gazebo. Very relaxing.

We consider ice cream an activity and the Phoenician has a tasty ice cream parlor and cafe...



...and we all agreed that the Phoenician Crunch flavor made with crushed Heath bar and Grape Nuts was quite tasty!

And after swimming, yoga and ice cream, we were content to relax in our casita room that has a great view of the grounds, the pool and of Camelback Mountain.

The Phoenician also offers a Funician Kids Club if parents need some adult/spa/business meeting time.  My tween liked the room that contained an air hockey table, foosball, WII games and camp counselors that take kids swimming.  The counselors do arts and crafts with the kids, will take them duck feeding and more.   My girl told me that her favorite part of the Kids Club was the woman who was in charge and played with her.  As a Mom, I sure loved hearing that!  The 1/2 day rate for the club is $45.00.

While she did the Funician, I enjoyed a manicure at the resort’s Salon Mila and the nail tech did a very nice job.  Do be warned to check prices first.  Later when I grabbed my girl, I took her to the Salon to have her hair braided.  It has been my experience that a lot of resorts either do a french braid at no cost or for around $20.  Salon Mila charged me a whopping $75 for her piggy tailed french braids!  Ouch!  My fault for failing to ask the price first.  I guess I was too relaxed when I took her in!  When I questioned the charge, I was told that braids count as an updo charge.  Note to self – – learn how to french braid!

While there, we also tried J&G Steakhouse and it did not disappoint.  In addition to the beautiful city view you get with dinner, the steak is perfectly cooked and the a la carte side dishes are to die for.  Try the asparagus and macaroni and cheese if you visit.  Dinner will cost you, so this is best for a special occasion night out, but the quality rivals that of Morton’s and Ruth Chris and was better than Fleming’s, in my opinion.

All in all, I give The Phoenician a hearty thumbs up for accommodations, family friendly activities, fine dining, a creative and delicious homemade ice cream flavor and top notch service and friendliness from the attentive staff.

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What is your favorite family-friendly resort?  Share here in the comments section.

Happy Travels.