Weekly Pet Pic: Two Peas in a Pod

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Manic.  We’ve had such busy weekends every single weekend that I haven’t done the weekly pet pic in a few weeks and we are crazy busy again this weekend, but I wanted to post this cute photo.

Managed:  Making myself take the time to post this and to remember to give my feline kids some attention, too!  As I sit here now quickly writing this, they are both right by my side….as usual!  I love my furry companions and I call them two peas in a pod!  Here is why:

Our two peas in a pod! So cute! This is how they greet us sometimes when we come through the front door!

The funny thing is that we adopted them as kittens from the Humane Society and they are not brothers and were not in the same cage, but they loved each other from the moment we held them together.  Our orange guy, Stanley, immediately started purring when we introduced him to our black and white, Tucker.  They were next to each other in the pound, but they were in two different cages, so it was very special to see them instantly bond.  We knew then that we had the right pair to take home with us that special day.  They groom each other, play together, nap together, and at times, like typical boys, wrestle and fight!  I can’t believe that they are already five years old!  These two peas in a pod make us laugh…a lot!

Send us your cute pet picture and go to the home page and click under “pets” to see the many pet photos that our awesome managedmoms.com readers have sent us.  There is even a video called “Toddler vs. Cat” that is hilarious.  So take a minute and check it out and send us your pet picture because here at managedmoms.com we believe that our furry friends are wonderful companions and stress-relievers, too.   And we can all use a little less stress in life!