Weekly Pet Pic: Cat Bed Battle

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Manic:  Being too busy the last couple of weekends to post our weekly pet pics!

Managed:  Getting back to this fun weekend post that we humans enjoy….funny and cute pics of our pets.  Those furry friends who reduce our stress level, especially when we take a break from our busy life to sit and watch their antics.  I did just that this week and I discovered that my fat cat, Tucker is a cozy cat bed thief!  See the pics to see what I mean…

Hmmm...even though this bed matches his colors and it is made for a smaller cat. like my buddy Stan....I am interested in perhaps...sharing?

Stan tells Tucker no way...no sharing the cat bed today!

I think Tucker is annoyed and considered leaving or....

Oh, I stand corrected...Stan leaves! Now what will Tucker do?

At last....says Tucker, "my feline plan worked and I've got this tiny bed, that I barely fit in, all to myself"....and don't worry about Stan, as he found another place to nap...his human mom's lap 🙂


I hope this pet post made you smile!  Send us your funny and cute pet pics or videos.  And to see the many fun pet pics that we received in 2011, click here https://managedmoms.com/category/weekly-pet-pic/.  We have received photos of cats, dogs, bird, parrots and more.  And there is one hilarious video called “Toddler vs. Cat” where a little girl tries to ride her cat…who is a very good sport!  Take a look and send us your pet pics.  We love to get them!

Have a great weekend everyone….and go ahead and take a cat nap yourself.  We hard-working humans deserve a little rest on the weekend, too!