Who Says Animals Can’t Smile? This Week’s Pet Pic

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Manic:  Getting back into the swing of things last week…and remembering to stick with my New Year’s Resolution to pace myself!

Managed:  Taking a break from all of my work to admire our cute cat, Stanley…and who says that animals can’t smile?

Look close...looks like a smile to me 🙂

 The next day I took a break to admire my funny feline again….I think he was worried that I might take pictures again, so he slept in another position to avoid any potential flash action that might wake him….LOL

With his back to me this time....but I bet he is smiling again!

And for all of our new subscribers….welcome!  We had a lot of new folks sign up over the holidays and this week (woo hoo)…This is our weekly pet pic and we have had a lot of folks send in some great pet photos and even some video.  Take a look at our home page under pet pics.  Click this link to see all of the different and fun pet pics that folks sent in over 2011.  Once in the link, scroll down to see dogs, cats, parrots and a very funny bird.  And don’t miss the video of one toddler trying to ride her kitty like a horse!  A fun pet pic look back is here:
Email us your funny or cute pet pics because here at managedmoms.com we are big believers that pets help us to reduce our stress and reducing stress should be eveyone’s New Year’s resolution!


  1. maryanne mildner says:

    purrfect little smile

  2. managedmom says:

    I agree with it being the “purrfect” little smile! Thanks for leaving a comment and send us a pet pic 🙂