Hair 101: How To Give Yourself a Good Blowout

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Manic:  Those that know me know that one of my favorite things to do is to have my hair blown out.  If a pro does it, the style will last me a couple of days and I want to know what they know, that I don’t, when it comes to a good blowout.

Managed:  So I asked my long-time hair stylist, Angelic.  She told me to try these pro tips!

Angelic says:

1.  The first mistake a lot of gals make when blow drying their mane is that they start too soon.  If hair is soaking wet, it takes double the time to blow it straight and by the time the hair really starts to get dry, most women tire of the job and their arms get sore.  So we shut off the dryer, even though the hair isn’t completely dry, and that doesn’t work.  Your hair must be damp, not soaking wet before you fire up the blow dryer.  Here is a picture that demonstrates how Rachel’s hair isn’t soaking wet, but has dried some before we start to blow her hair out…

So be patient, towel dry your hair, apply some of your makeup and then start the drying process after your hair has air-dried a bit.  Damp is the key word, not soaking wet.

2.  Buy some clips to section your hair.  This may feel tedious, but it makes all the difference because you will really be able to get each section bone dry before you move on to the next part.  Here is a picture that shows how to section…

Notice that one section of hair is down for the blow dryer and everything else is pinned up.

3.  Use the right kind of brush, but note…in the picture above, I’m using a round brush, which gives great results, but if you are giving yourself a blowout, I recommend a flat brush.  It is easier to work with and won’t get caught in your hair like  a round brush can do, especially when you are working with the back of your head that you can’t see!  So don’t feel silly if you have found your round brush tangled in your mane.  It has happened to most of us gals!

4.  Make sure the hair is completely dry before you do anything else like using a flat iron.  It really is this simple.  Trying to blow out soaking wet hair, not sectioning and using the wrong brush are all mistakes that mess up your blowout.

And here is the finished result….it looks good and will last Rachel (with a quick morning touch-up) a couple of days…


Thanks Ang for sharing your tips.  I love that they are simple to remember and easy to follow.  What blowout tricks do you use to dry your hair?  Share here in the comments section because we busy gals want to know how to leave the house looking styled and managed in our manic world!


About Angelic:

Angelic Papadakis, Hair Stylist & Owner of Backstage Salon and Spa

**And now also runs 52 Weeks of Entertainment!

Angelic has been a stylist in the Valley of the Sun for more than 15 years. Specializing in precision cuts and coloring, Angelic is top notch.  Angelic has been Rachel’s personal stylist for many years and is always on the cutting edge of hair styling and design.  Call 602-321-7005 to schedule an appointment with Angelic.