Weekly Pet Pic: Cats & Their Cuddle Toys

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Manic:  Clutter around the house that include human and feline toys!

Managed:  But the clutter turns to absolute cuteness when I see how much our kitty loves his stuffed pal and check out this absolutely adorable picture one of our subscribers sent in of her beautiful kitty, Sparkle!  These two pics will put a smile on your face!

Our sweet Stanley with his beloved Gingerbread man. So cute!

Debbie's lovely Sparkle kitten with her doll that is bigger than she is! Sparkle is so adorable!

Thank you to Debbie for sending in your pet pic!  We absolutely love to get them and post them every Saturday on the site to remind everyone to find time to relax this weekend and do like Sparkle and Stan….take a cat nap with a loved one!

Have a great weekend everyone!