Weekly Pet Pic: Two Heads Are Better Than One

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Manic:  This week was crazy!  Our family had 8 doc/dentist appointments between the four of us, hubby traveled, hockey practice until 10pm, rehearsals, an invitation to speak at an event (which I enjoyed!), my car’s appointment at the shop and more.  I fell into a deep sleep last night and I happily slept in this morning!

Managed:  Enjoying a calm and quiet morning before I head out to the events that I’m attending today.   And I’m enjoying my crazy cats.  I call this week’s pet pic Two Heads are Better Than One because the photo looks like a 2-headed cat!  And why is that?  Because our funny black and white cat, Tucker is determined to cuddle with Stanley, even if he has to lay directly on top of him to do so!  Stanley agreed to do this for about 10 minutes and then told Tucker to take a hike!  They are so funny and their antics make us laugh and unwind after a busy and crazy week!  Take a look…

Send us your fun pet pics!  We love to share them because we believe that our pets help us to de-stress and that should be what the weekend is all about!  Have a good weekend everyone!