Weekly Pet Pic: Ball Hounds!

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Manic:  This time of the year with Easter, upcoming graduations, tryouts prep, AIMS testing for our kids and more…I always forget that this time of year gets super busy!

Managed:  Taking a break from it all with our pets, so I especially love this week’s pet pics from managedmoms.com subscriber, Melissa.  Several months ago she sent us a picture of her dog, Finley pondering how to get a tennis ball from the laundry basket and then last week, Melissa added this tennis ball pic of their other dog going after the same thing!  Those pups love tennis balls!  And the other cool thing about this pic is that Melissa and her family were on a little getaway trip when this was taken.  Good for Melissa, her people and her pups for making time to take a break and spend some family time together.  Plus they are exercising with the dogs!  Awesome!

Finley has decided to be patient and wait out the return of his beloved tennis ball! So cute!


Same situation, same kind of ball, different day, different dog!









Send us your pet pictures!  We love to get them and share them every Saturday.  We are big believers that our pets help to de-stress us!  Send your pet pics to [email protected].

Have a great weekend everyone!