Weekly Pet Pic: Funny Feline Faces!

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Manic:  The end of the school year because it is such a busy time, plus with Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduation activities, year-end recitals, finals and more, we are running fast.

Managed:  Taking a moment out of the busy day to enjoy our pets, especially when they do funny things.  Laughter is good for us and bonding time with our animals relieves stress, too.  Take a look at these two funny pet pics…

Our cool Tucker makes funny faces that make us smile!

This funny picture was sent in to us from one of our readers and she says that the kitty is stretching! It looks like he is about the attack the dragon head!

What captions would you use for these funny feline pics?  Tell us in the comments section and be sure to send us your fun pet pics because we love to share them every weekend on managedmoms.com!  Have a great Sunday everyone!