Weekly Pet Pic: Dreamy Dodger!

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Manic:  This is a fun manic time of year….celebrating all of the graduations with good friends, and in our case with our son too, who graduated from middle school!  Do I really have a high schooler now?  Am I really old enough to have one in high school?  Yep!

Managed:  Taking time to love on our pets in between it all and this week’s precious pet pic comes from our subscriber, Michele who recently added to her canine brood when she heard that this sweet guy was found running in the streets.  Look at this precious angel that she rescued…

I think he is dreaming about his amazing new home and his precious people that love him a ton!

Congratulations to Michele’s family and to their awesome dog Dodger!  He is a dreamy doggie, don’t you think?

Send us your precious pet pic!  We love to get them and share every weekend to remind all of us to take a break, be with our beloved pets and to remember to breathe!  Email your pics to [email protected].

Have  a great weekend!