Weekly Pet Pic: This Pup Rules the Roost

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This week’s adorable pet pic comes from managedmoms.com reader, Theresa who tells us that this picture is of Precious, sitting on her leather couch, where she rules the roost…

And don’t you love her pig tails?  She is one pretty pup and we love that her Mom sent us her picture!  Send us your cute pet pic because we believe that taking time out to be with our furry friends is a big stress reliever.  Send your pet pics to [email protected]!

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all of the Mamas of humans…to pet Mamas….AND….

….to all of the new pet Mommies out there!!

And I have to brag about Lucy’s Day #2 with us.  Although she cuddles with Lexi here in the bed, she once again slept quietly in her own bed all night long.  As Lexi’s Mama, I’m thrilled that little Lucy is letting my little girl get her sleep at night.  She is a good kitty and my Lexi is a good new cat Mommy!