Free & Almost Free Father’s Day Gift Ideas That He Will Love

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Manic:  Dad’s Day gift ideas with little or no budget as so many families face during these tough economic times.

Managed:  Brainstorming some heartfelt Father’s Day gift ideas that won’t drain your bank account, but will fill your father’s or your hubby’s heart.

*This first idea comes from a KTVK viewer who wrote in after I did my annual Father’s Day gift idea segment last week.  She shared that she makes a sweet book full of her children’s favorite, funny and heartfelt quotes.  The book becomes a wonderful keepsake for her husband who loves this gift!  And our kids say so many cool things that we will forget if we don’t write it down.  Great idea!

*Probably my husband’s favorite gift ever from me is a little photo book that I made years ago of our kids when they were small.  He always has this little book in his briefcase and when he has to travel, he always makes sure that it is right there with his airline ticket.  I know how much he loves it because he recently asked me for some updated pictures and as I filled the book, it was amazing to me to see how much our kids have grown.

*Another favorite Father’s Day idea of mine, that he loves, was the year that I rearranged furniture and made him a reading area in our bedroom.  I grabbed a little white book shelf that had been in our daughter’s room, added an old lamp with a spiffed up lamp shade and moved our chaise lounger from one side of the room to the other to complete his new reading area.  I then filled the book shelf with his favorite reads and placed a comfy blanket on the lounger to complete the area.  He loved the idea and enjoys that area for a few minutes before bed every night.

*Another year I finally learned how to make his two all-time favorite desserts that I had never prepared before…homemade peach cobbler and banana pudding.  For the cost of a few grocery store items, this proved to be one of his favorite Father Day celebrations.

What are your free or next-to-nothing gift ideas for Father’s Day?  Share here in the comments section.