Weekly Pet Pic: Homemade Hammock Happiness

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Manic:  Our home….just a little bit more than usual…since my daughter adopted a sweet little rescue kitten that she named Lucy.

Managed:  Now!  Since a few weeks have passed, little Lucy has really settled in, the boy cats have accepted her and life is good, especially for Lucy!  Take a look….

My girl made her little kitten a homemade hammock using a blanket.  I told her not to be disappointed if the kitten didn’t relax in it like a human would, but to my surprise, Lucy took right to it!  Perhaps it was the careful steps that my daughter  took to make sure that the hammock experience was just right!  Here is what she did…

Little Lucy being rocked in her homemade hammock!

First she placed her kitty inside and then she rocked her back and forth as she sang a little song to Lucy girl.

Then little Lucy kicked her feet up and relaxed and then, if that isn’t cute enough….

Then, she fell fast asleep showing us that a kitten would love a homemade hammock as much as a person would enjoy it!

And one other note….don’t ever let anyone tell you that black cats are bad luck!  This kitten has been an awesome, loving, well-behaved and amazing little cat.  We are blessed to have found her!  I have read several articles that stress that the shelters have an overflow of cats that need to be adopted right now.  Consider it!  We have a happy home filled with feline love!

Send us your pet pics!  We love to get them and we love to post them every weekend because we are big believers that our pets quiet our minds and relax us.  Email to [email protected].  Have a great weekend!