An Easy Door Makeover – Design on a Dime Idea!

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Manic:  Any type of home improvement project makes me anxious, because I simply don’t possess those skills, but our home, garden and organization expert does!  And she makes it easy for a novice like me!

Managed:  Asking that expert, Bridget to share a simple idea that she recently had that turned a drab door into a decorative design that is fresh and fun to see!  Take a look…

Bridget says:

Our home came with a movie room, which was one of the things that attracted our family to this house. The door that leads to the fun room was just a plain white door. It was so blah and would get dirty very easily, so I gave this entrance a makeover.

I have now updated  our door from a white base paint to a black shiny enamel.  It really stands out and looks great!

I then decided to add a decal to the door that would stand out from the rest of the room.  The decal shows that the door leads to a movie room, not to our garage.  Before the paint and the decal,  it was just a plain door that everyone thought was a garage door.  I love how it stands out now, plus it is labeled and clean!  The Our Theater decal is from Design with Vinyl and it is on sale right now for only $16.95 plus $5 shipping.

 You can easily do this too, with any door theme in your home.  Give it a try!

Happy Decorating and Organizing!!