Weekly Pet Pic: A Dog and His Boy!

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This week’s adorable pet pic comes to us from managedmoms.com subscriber, Elizabeth.  She calls this picture “A Boy and His Dog”…..but we renamed it “A Dog and His Boy” because this human boy definitely belongs to this sweet dog….

Yep, Elizabeth tells us that these two are inseparable.  Tucker and Hayden are lifelong buds for sure!

Isn’t it funny how our pets will pick their person?  In our home, our funny big tomcat likes us, but truly only has eyes for our son.  Our new kitten Lucy knows that my daughter is her Mama and my silly orange cat, Stan prefers me to everyone else.  Our pets are so funny and are their own individuals, that is for sure!

Send us your funny and/or sweet pet pics.  We love to get them and share them every weekend because we believe that our pets relieve our stress and remind us to just be….to breathe, relax and find happiness through our furry friends!  Send your pics to [email protected].

Have a great weekend!