Helping Kids Adjust to a New School

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Manic:  For many kids, starting middle school or high school can definitely be manic and a little intimidating!

Managed:  Our writer, Lisa Walton, wrote a helpful article on how to take the manic out of starting a new school.  She says to ease the transition, help your kids to feel connected to their new school by encouraging them to get involved.  She has some great ideas on how to do this…

Lisa says:

Starting a new school year can be tough on everyone.  However, kids that are starting middle or high school, or a new school for the first time may have a rougher start.  One way we can support our kids is to help them get connected.  Friendships are some of the most important relationships that our children will develop. Friendships teach us how to trust, how to respect one another, and develop a sense of security when outside of the family.   Friendships help define our children’s own personalities and develop independence. They teach them how to deal with their own feelings and develop empathy for others.

I always tell parents and students during transition time that they need to get involved in some way at school.  Once they join the music program, sports, clubs or extra-curricular activities they will meet peers with common interests.

Reasons to Join a Group or Club

  • Gets kids “out and about” increasing their activity level
  • Gives them varied experiences/opportunities
  • Keeps them out of trouble (Studies show that the after-school hours are the times kids tend to get into more trouble than the evening hours)
  • Meet new people/make friends
  • Learn new skills/boost self-confidence
  • Learn teamwork
  • Gain independence
  • Learn responsibility and/or leadership skills
  • Community service organizations teach civic-mindedness & values
  • College applications like to see well-rounded & involved students
  • Some activities may offer scholarship opportunities
  • Have FUN!

There are a variety of organizations for students to belong to:  sports, scouts, adventure groups, church/spiritual groups, community service groups, music/performing arts, academic groups, activity clubs, and many more.  Take some time to see what your school and communities have to offer.   This is a great time to let kids explore their interests and hone skills.  These groups also afford a wonderful opportunity to meet new families and build relationships with kids and parents alike.  Help your kids find their niche and make some new friends!

About our writer, Lisa:


Lisa Walton–Parenting tips
Valley Teacher and Mother

Lisa Walton has been a teacher in the Valley for over 18 years. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Deaf Education from Illinois State University; and Master’s Degree in Special Education from Arizona State University. She currently works as an itinerant teacher, collaborating with regular education teachers in the public schools.

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