Cool Cat Scratching Tools to Train Your Cat

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Manic:  My house at times with not one, not two…but three cats living in our household and basking in our love.  In fact, these three felines are almost perfect pets.  They don’t have accidents, we can leave them all day long, they are affectionate and loyal…but they do scratch our furniture!

Managed:  When guest writer Jenny Dean from, asked me if she could write a guest post, I agreed since she has ideas on how to get your cats to stop scratching your stuff.  She says that finding a good scratching post is the way to go, so she reviewed a few for us….

Jenny says:

Top Cardboard Cat Scratchers Reviewed

At we review a lot of products and I put a lot of thought and testing in to the products that we review.  We usually do the testing over a 4 to 6 week trail period to give it a good go.

It seems like cardboard cat scratchers are all the rage these days.  We have reviewed quite a few, so I wanted to share with you the ones that I like the most.  All the ones below have dual purposes and that’s probably why I like them the most.

  • Bergan Turbo Scratcher – You probably know this one well.  It has a ball that rolls around the perimeter and there’s a circular scratching pad in the center of the toy.  This scratching pad can be removed and replaced if it gets worn.  My cat, Charlie, returns to this scratcher every single day for a quick ball game and then a quick scratch.  He is now 3 years old and I just ordered our first replacement.  The inserts last a long time and you can also flip them over to get more use out of them before you replace them. 
  • kittyblock – The kittyblock is a cube of corrugated cardboard that has the center cut out – so not only is it great for scratching, but it also ends up being a perfect perch and a play source.  Charlie loves it for perching on to watch the birdies outside. 
  • Brawny Cat – Brawny Cat’s Big Baby is not only a lounger, but also a great scratcher.  Charlie spends hours upon hours on this bed.  It is his preferred nap place – it also has a great spot where you can store cat toys. 
  • Imperial Cat – Imperial Cat makes a number of fantastic scratchers – you can buy them in the shape of different animals or in the shape of lounges.  My cats love to scratch on them and always take naps on them when they watch TV with us. 
  • Catpods – Catpods are tunnels made of corrugated cardboard – so not only can your kitty scratch on the top and on the side of it, but they can also have fun playing with you or another cat through the holes in the side of the tunnel. 

I recently saw the Infinity Scratcher on and we really want to product review it because it looks like the cats would totally adore it.

Do you have a cardboard cat scratcher for your kitty?  Which one?  Would you recommend it?

***Our guest writer, Jenny received the cat tools at no charge for product testing, but no financial compensation was received.  Her opinions are 100% her own.***