Our Harris Home Cats Featured In Magazine Article!

Our household has four fab felines who recently became celebrities with a magazine article all about them!  Yes, Tucker, Stanley, Lucy and Sadie are the star of the show this month.Foothills Living Magazine writer Stephanie Hayden asked to interview our four very spoiled furry family members and the cats gave me their blessing to speak […]

Sweet Sadie Makes Four Felines

Some of you know (and some of you don’t know) that we are now a FOUR cat household.  I know, I know….it sounds a little crazy and like we are running a cat farm.  Well, we are not but the little Tortie kitten sweetie that my hubs found made her way into our Harris hearts […]

Like Humans, Pets Can Have Anaphylactic Allergic Reaction

Manic:  Coming home to see our kitty Lucy’s eye swollen up triple the normal size and watching her become a little lethargic. Managed:  Decided as a family not to put off medical care, so at 10pm on a Thursday night, I rushed her to the 24 hour emergency pet hospital.  This particular hospital called 1st […]

Honoring The Very Special Violet

My Dad’s dear dog, beautiful Violet passed away yesterday and my heart aches for his loss. Losing a pet is such a difficult loss.  And Violet was very loved….very very very loved and she was very very very loving right back. She was a pampered pooch for sure.  Just look at this awesome pet perch […]

Happy Update: My Foster Cat Oliver Finds Good Home!

For those of you that have followed the story of the sweet cat, Oliver that I fostered, he once again has found a good home. I want to thank so many of you that asked about him and sent your well wishes and prayers that his human family that had to give him up would […]

Remember Oliver the Cool Cat? He Needs A Home Again

For those of you that have been reading my blog for a while, you may remember the incredibly sweet boy, Oliver that I found literally meowing at my front door step last year.  I brought him in and my family and friends marveled at how unbelivelably sweet and social he is to everyone, more so […]

Weekly Pet Pic: My Three Comfy Cats!

Being a cat in our manic managed Harris home is a pretty good gig for these three cat cuties and they don’t seem to have anything manic going in in their lives, even though their humans run around manic a lot!  I could go for being one of my cats for a day.  See why…. […]

Mom Knows Best All Natural Home & Food Tips

When my morning show producer told me that our next show was Mother’s Day themed and that the hosts were bringing their Moms to help co-host, I knew I couldn’t have my mother join us on camera since she lives 2,000 miles away, so I did the next best thing — I showed her picture […]

Weekly Pet Pic: Two Cool Cats & One Nice Dog!

This week’s pet pics come from two of our managedmoms.com readers.  First up, meet cool cat #1 who is named Tabitha. She and sweet dog, Emmy became fast friends when Tabitha joined the family a few months ago.  This was sent in by Jennifer and we love that this cat chose a canine couch and […]

Weekly Pet Pics: Lucy Turns 2 & Gets Baked Birthday Cat Cake!

Manic:  My daughter reminding me that I can’t forget her annual tradition of having a birthday party for her cat…add that to our hectic schedule! Managed:  My girl finding a recipe online for a cat cake made of tuna, cheese, flour and more and then baked to fit a feline’s fancy on her 2nd birthday! […]

Weekly Pet Pic Update: Willy The One Eyed Wonder Cat Finds His Furrever Purrever Home!

You may remember the article that we ran a few months ago about Willy, a sweet blind boy kitty, that my friend, Jamie fostered.  At that time, Jamie told us that Willy had come to the Arizona Humane Society with head trauma.  Once Jamie took him in, she noticed rather quickly that Willy didn’t have his vision, […]

Weekly Pet Pic: One Polite Cat!

Who says that you can’t train cats?!  Although our other two won’t do this, Tucker says please every single time…   How cute is that?!  I am a proud cat mom of his manners! Send us your pet pics or videos to rachel@managedmoms.com.  We love to post them every weekend to make you smile.  Enjoy […]

Weekly Pet Pic: To Cheer On My Son’s Big Game Tonight!

I pulled an oldie but goodie for this week’s pet pic. Since my son’s hockey team plays game 3 tonight in the big 3-game series to see which team goes to Nationals, here is a picture of my boy (when he was little) with our cat, Stan (when Stan was a lot younger, too).  He […]

Weekly Pet Pics: Hide & See

This week’s pet pics that I snapped of our cats cracks me up.  This first one is the Hide in Hide & See….although I don’t think she is doing a good job finding a hiding place…. and this next picture is the see as in do you see me with all of your stuff…..   […]

Honoring The Life of a Girl’s First Pet

I remember when my lovely niece, Julie first came to visit us when she was just a little girl.  It was super fun to have our school-aged niece stay a weekend with us, her auntie and uncle.  We didn’t have any children yet, so she was a thrill to have for several days and I […]