Weekly Pet Pic Update: Willy The One Eyed Wonder Cat Finds His Furrever Purrever Home!

You may remember the article that we ran a few months ago about Willy, a sweet blind boy kitty, that my friend, Jamie fostered.  At that time, Jamie told us that Willy had come to the Arizona Humane Society with head trauma.  Once Jamie took him in, she noticed rather quickly that Willy didn’t have his vision, […]

Weekly Pet Pic: One Polite Cat!

Who says that you can’t train cats?!  Although our other two won’t do this, Tucker says please every single time…   How cute is that?!  I am a proud cat mom of his manners! Send us your pet pics or videos to rachel@managedmoms.com.  We love to post them every weekend to make you smile.  Enjoy […]

Weekly Pet Pic: To Cheer On My Son’s Big Game Tonight!

I pulled an oldie but goodie for this week’s pet pic. Since my son’s hockey team plays game 3 tonight in the big 3-game series to see which team goes to Nationals, here is a picture of my boy (when he was little) with our cat, Stan (when Stan was a lot younger, too).  He […]

Weekly Pet Pics: Hide & See

This week’s pet pics that I snapped of our cats cracks me up.  This first one is the Hide in Hide & See….although I don’t think she is doing a good job finding a hiding place…. and this next picture is the see as in do you see me with all of your stuff…..   […]

Honoring The Life of a Girl’s First Pet

I remember when my lovely niece, Julie first came to visit us when she was just a little girl.  It was super fun to have our school-aged niece stay a weekend with us, her auntie and uncle.  We didn’t have any children yet, so she was a thrill to have for several days and I […]

Weekly Pet Pic: Lovely Libbie

This week’s pet pics come from a cute kitty that resides in Houston.  Her name is Libbie and her Mama, Terri sent us her pictures.  Check out the lovely and lounging Libbie…. The Lovely Libbie….The Lounging Libbie….I hope you all found some time to lounge on this fun SuperBowl weekend.  Have a great week and […]

Weekly Pet Pic: Artie’s Adorable Antics

Adorable Artie has so many fun antics, his human mom Jodie tells us, like sleeping with his ball in his mouth just to be sure that no one steals it in his slumber…. So cute!  And have you ever heard of training a dog with carrots instead of dog treats?!  Artie will tell you that […]

Weekly Pet Pic: A Feline Fist Bump

Happy Saturday.  I hope you all are  having a great day.  Today’s weekly pet pic stars our Stan and my daughter says that this is a feline fist bump!  Do you agree?  Here is the pic…. And I think this one is pretty cute, too…. We love our friendly Stan the man cat that we […]

Weekly Pet Pic: She Did It & She Owns It!

Our Lucy cat makes us laugh daily.  As I was looking back at our 2013 cat pics, I came across these two that I think will make you laugh, too.  No need to try to guess which cat in our home knocked down the decorative centerpiece… ….or literally stole the spiders right off the Halloween […]

Weekly Pet Pic: Meet the Truly Terrific Tabitha!

I absolutely love when I hear stories of dogs and cats becoming fast and furever friends, so I was thrilled to receive this week’s pet pictures sent to us from managedmoms.com reader Jennifer Spear and her family!  Jennifer’s family have the most wonderful and loving dog named Emme and they had been wanting to add […]

Weekly Pet Pic: Our Crazy Christmas Cat

Manic:  Christmas preparations with the tree, the gifts, the shipping, the baking and more.  It is joyful and fun, but truth be told, it can be a bit manic, too.  And whenever my daughter cheers that there is X amount of days left before Christmas, I pretend to cheer with her, but I’m looking at […]

Weekly Pet Pic: Teddy’s Christmas Picture

Last week I was visiting my friend and managedmoms.com team writer, Julie when I snapped this cute picture of her beautiful dog, Teddy.  Not only does this photo capture his beauty, but seeing the hanging stockings with the initials of his human Mom and Dad in the background makes this a perfect pet pic this […]

Weekly Pet Pics: Lucy Laughs & Loves

Today’s weekly pet pics star my daughter’s lovely Lucy cat.  In the last week, she has made us chuckle more than once and I was able to capture her giving her Mama some love.  The first picture is a great one.  I went into our closet and I glanced over at my husband’s shoe rack […]

Weekly Pet Pic: Niner, The Hugging Homework Helping Dog!

Thank you Bridget for sending in adorable pics of your pup, Niner!  Take a look at this cutie.  I love his white paws… Niner likes to sit at the table with his humans and help with homework, too…. And best of all, he gives good hugs…Niner is a nice and very loving companion and we […]

Holiday Gifts Ideas for People & Pets

Manic:  The calendar!  Just like every year, the calendar is moving fast and the countdown to the holidays is on! Managed:  Did some shopping for you to see what’s out there for the teenager, mom, dad and even the pets on your list. Plus I show some fun gift ideas to take to the host […]