Weekly Pet Pic: Artie’s Adorable Antics

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Adorable Artie has so many fun antics, his human mom Jodie tells us, like sleeping with his ball in his mouth just to be sure that no one steals it in his slumber….

sleepSo cute!  And have you ever heard of training a dog with carrots instead of dog treats?!  Artie will tell you that this is the healthy way to learn and his Mom says that he also loves apples!  What a funny pooch….
What a fun and wonderful dog!  Jodie rescued Artie from a no kill shelter and she says that he seems to know it and appreciate it.  They have formed a wonderful bond and Artie is the perfect companion for Jodie.  Jodie (and Artie, too!) encourages everyone to consider rescuing from a shelter when adopting a new pet.  Artie also reminds us in this next picture that weekends are for taking time to relax and nap, indoors or outdoors, as you can see…nap patioSend your pet pics to [email protected] and have a great weekend with your family, friends and furry friends, too.


  1. He’s adorable! I love that he falls asleep with his ball in his mouth, that is so cute! I didn’t know about training dogs with carrots or apple pieces. That’s a great idea!

    I’m so glad to hear he was from a no kill shelter. Our Yoshi was too and she’s amazing and such a great dog. I’m happy to hear you’ve found the same with Artie.

    • ManagedMoms.com says:

      Thanks for leaving a comment, Tesa. I will share with Artie’s mom for sure. Yoshi is so adorable, too. If you have time, send me some favorite pet pics of Yoshi that I can post from your terrific blog 🙂