Mom Knows Best All Natural Home & Food Tips

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When my morning show producer told me that our next show was Mother’s Day themed and that the hosts were bringing their Moms to help co-host, I knew I couldn’t have my mother join us on camera since she lives 2,000 miles away, so I did the next best thing — I showed her picture and some of her best all natural and organic tips when it comes to good clean living and eating.  So take a look to see an all natural way to repel indoor insects, her power toast recipe that my teenager likes that will satisfy your craving for sugar and bread, but with all whole and healthy ingredients instead and much more. Mom also taught me a cool citrus trick to get a good amount of fresh squeezed lime in your homemade margaritas and more.  And wait until you see her unique and very thoughtful pet tip that gives back to nature.  Take a look as I proudly show off some of my mom’s best healthy home tips.  Thanks Mom!  Happy Mother’s Day this weekend.  You are very loved 🙂