Remember Oliver the Cool Cat? He Needs A Home Again

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oliver in his new homeFor those of you that have been reading my blog for a while, you may remember the incredibly sweet boy, Oliver that I found literally meowing at my front door step last year.  I brought him in and my family and friends marveled at how unbelivelably sweet and social he is to everyone, more so than your typical cat.  Through posting on this blog, I discovered that Oliver (our chosen name for him) had been left in the night when the renters who housed him left him behind when they moved away suddenly.  That broke my heart.

So I had him examined (very healthy check-up) and the vet also couldn’t get over what a sweet personality this cat possessed. So I went ahead and had him neutered, micro-chipped and immunized.  The vet was disappointed that his previous owners had not done any of those health items for Oliver.  Oliver was in good hands now, so our family decided that we would take him home and be his foster family.  We had Ollie the cool cat for a little over a month.Ollie reunionollie meWe were just about set to keep him since we had fallen in love with him, but one of our cats (we already have three cats!) just couldn’t accept him and ended up attacking poor Oliver, who just couldn’t understand why they all couldn’t be feline friends!

At about that time, Oliver’s and our prayers for a home were answered when the beautiful Chang family came to meet him. All five family members fell in love with him and quickly decided to take him in.  We were thrilled and the family kept us posted with pictures and good reports about how well and how quickly Oliver adjusted to his new humans.  He especially loved the youngest daughter.Ollie with lil one

To my sadness and shock, several months later the family let me know that Chris Chang, the beloved husband and father died suddenly last September 11th from a massive heart attack.   He was only 44 and this has been such a shock and a huge loss.  At his funeral I was especially touched by stories of the many animals Chris had saved and housed as a child, teenager and adult.  Oliver would be his last rescue.  Chris is missed by so many as he was truly a good man, husband, father, friend and a friend to animals in need. My heart remains broken over his loss.

Yesterday his beautiful wife, Sunnev let me know that she and her girls are relocating back to her home in Norway in a few weeks so that she can be with all of her family and try life there for a few months.  She is unable to take Oliver and we are both desperate to find a home for this truly special boy.  She had a friend that had agreed to take Oliver a few weeks ago, but his situation changed and he can no longer adopt Oliver.  If I could take him, I sure would.  I certainly tried and Ollie did great here, it was my other cats who just couldn’t adjust.

Please email me at [email protected] if you would like to meet Oliver and consider taking him home with you.  He is now two years old and is a great companion who is super affectionate and absolutely loves people.  At Chris’ reception at the Chang home after the funeral, I observed a great number of guests asking about Oliver because he was jumping in laps and just wanted to be a part of the event.  So unusual for a cat.  Oliver is truly a unique soul and would love to finally find his permanant home.  Please let me know if you are intersted or know someone who would like the cool cat, Oliver to be their new pet.  He is a nice sweet boy that is 100% litter trained.  He is great with other cats and with children.  photo1 (43)Truly a dream boy cat who has been a survivor as he searches for his forever home, yet again.

Oliver the fab foster of the most loving kitties our family had ever met!

Oliver the fab foster cat….one of the most loving kitties our family had ever met!

I close this by sending blessings and prayers to sweet Sunnev and her three daughters as they continue their healing from the loss of a husband and a daddy and I wish them happiness in this new chapter.  I am hopeful that I can help them place Oliver before they depart on June 20th.