Weekly Pet Pic: Cutest Halloween Hound Around!

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Manic:  Me two weeks ago inside of Walgreens shopping for cool party decorations for the big Halloween party my daughter was planning for her show choir (which by the way, was Friday night and went off without a witch hitch)!

Managed:  Stopping in my tracks when I spotted the cutest Halloween hound ever!  Meet Zoe and enjoy her cute costume.  I asked her Mom if we could share her picture on our website’s weekly pet pic and she proudly agreed!  I would have, too!  Take a look…

 Such a cutie and I love her costume!  Happy Halloween to all the pets out there!  And remember to keep your pets inside and safe on the hectic Halloween night that is coming up this Wednesday.  For some pets, I bet the hustle and bustle of Halloween is stressful, so keep them in and assure them that all is OK, even though the doorbell keeps ringing and little creatures with big masks keep appearing at the door!

Send us your pet pics!  We love to get them and post them every weekend to remind us to slow down, pet our pets and relax a little with our furry friends!  Email to [email protected]  and have a great Sunday!